44 Grahampton

A reader asked about this Surf & Turf listing and I told him it was on Clapboard Ridge. Well, Clapboard Ridge runs into Grahampton, so give me a break. Asking $5.995 since August. Good, large (7,000+ sf) house, nice pool and yard, good location. The owners paid $5.125 million for it in 2004 and spent a fair amount adding the pool and doing various renovations/improvements, then put it up for sale in October, 2007 for $6.995. The fact that I’d forgotten about it proves my point about over-pricing your listing: don’t do it. We see the place, dismiss it, and promise ourselves that we’ll revisit when the price drops. But then we don’t; other houses come on, inventory swells and ….. I really had no idea this place was still for sale, and that’s too bad, because at a million dollars less, it looks pretty good. Maybe not really, really good, but certainly worth considering.

UPDATE: CEA posted this comment on the original post but now that we’re writing about it here, …

That’s on Grahampton, near Beechcroft. Big house, backhard is narrow and overlooks the people behind. 0 outdoor privacy.

I knew there was something I didn’t like about it – privacy is expected at this price.


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5 responses to “44 Grahampton

  1. Limestoner

    Probably still has a little way to go on the downside ($850/sft). Buyers are certainly around and kicking tires. However, many buyers are reluctant to pull the trigger and catch a falling knife. Unless the seller is in trouble and must sell I seriously doubt that this house can be had for anything close to the 2004 price of $5.125 million. Perhaps $5.4 million at a wash for the seller. Very handsome house but aerial bird eye view photos do show very little yard. For a house built in 2001 I’m very surprised that the rooms are so small. Personally, I’m going to sit this out until 2011. Looking forward to a return to normalcy and getting in at a decent price point. Is that $500/sft? What was it in 1999 pre-bubble?

  2. Towny


    -Grahampton Lane runs into Clapboard Ridge Road.

    -For 5M+ one should expect privacy in the front as well as back-yard. Or is that too old school?

  3. CEA

    This house is also 2 doors down from Mariani’s Grahampton/Meadowcroft house. They look very similar. Neither house has an “approach” – the distance from street to front door is basically just wide enough for the driveway. This house goes for $4.5, max. We have been inside both houses.

  4. fred

    History: 12 Grahampton sold for 200K in ’74. It was built by Nordholme as a spec in I think ’34 and sold for about 35K. Gotta be worth mid 5’s now. Towny lived there for a while.