Great new Riverside listing

No, not my listing, but the house belongs to friends of mine. 3 Marks Road, on the corner of Riverside Avenue, 3,000  5,000 – listing erred sf, beautifully renovated in 2002, waterviews of the creek (wave to me as I pass by) and asking around $3.1. There are recent comps to support that price and I think it’s a good one. Of course, I would, because what’s good around the corner can only be good for my own house, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I think this is good value. The nicest people in the world own it so if they’re moving, that’s a bummer. Say it ain’t so, Steve.

UPDATE: I saw it and it’s very nice. But, taking off my friendship hat and putting on my buyer’s rep  hat, I’d suggest that there’s some negotiating room here. But a very nice, 1913 house modernized, renovated and expanded. Good house if you want to live in Riverside.


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2 responses to “Great new Riverside listing

  1. Anonymous

    Good price or not – is anything selling for asking price these days?

  2. Towny

    I grew up across that creek. Fond memories of “boating” using a plastic kids wading pool and playing army in the marshes behind Edgewood.