Letter from Patagonia?

Bernie Madoff flunky Sonja Kohn lost the Russian Mob’s money and now she’s in hiding. I’m speculating she’s in Patagonia because (a) it’s summer down there and (b) the Madoff boys probably told her how good the fly fishing is. But wherever she is, she sent an email to Bloomberg, protesting her innocence.

Kohn’s e-mail came from an address verified by a Bank Medici spokeswoman. Kohn said Madoff was “trusted by the best and smartest” and likened his scheme to a tsunami or earthquake that strikes “unpredictably and devastatingly.”..

…“The Madoff fraud destroyed lives, life savings and companies that were the result of decades of hard work,” she wrote. Madoff’s firm “was not an obscure hedge fund; it was a 48- year-old, highly visible firm with approximately 200 employees and over $600 million in capital,” she wrote.

Peter? Mark? Andy? Do you see that last part, where she’s referring to all those employees and capital? She’s talking about your firm, the one that didn’t know what Bernie was up to. Gosh, how could she get such a wrong impression, how could she think you guys were involved? Sure hope no one else made that mistake, or you could be sued!


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3 responses to “Letter from Patagonia?

  1. Inagua

    So Sonja is suffering “unbearable pain.” Her clients might fell a twinge of discomfort as well, and she could assuage their situation a bit by refunding her fees.

    But she won’t do this beause like Walt she is just a greedy salesman who wants to benefit from her participation, however unwitting, in the Madoff Ponzi Scheme. These people have no sense of honor or shame.

  2. Happily Retired Litigator

    Whenever I see a reference to “Bank Medici”, I think that it must be something from the first draft of a James Bond script, before wiser heads stepped in and said, “Nahhh, can’t use that. Sounds too hokey.”

  3. Walker

    Bye bye now, sonja. I do not believe this world is large enough for you to stay hidden from the Russian mob. Perhaps you can get a seat on the next flight to the space station. Oh, I think there are Russians there too? The universe is not large enough for you to hide from the Russian mob Sonja. You would probably feel much safer IN JAIL too.