Time for Obama

On the cover for the 13th time in 52 weeks. Do you remember when we had a free press? The sad part? The press has thrown away its independence voluntarily. Booy, they’re gonna be sum hot when he doesn’t save the economy, the polar bears and those poor terrorists at Gitmo!


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6 responses to “Time for Obama

  1. Limestoner

    Greenwich – 53% Obama / 46% McCain.

    As a Republican I must admit that I voted for the guy. For the life of me I couldn’t pull the lever for a ticket that included Sarah Palin. I’m sorry but she’s a retard. Country First = No Retards in the Oval Office (again).

    As an American, you have to root for Obama. He’s our President. If he doesn’t get the job done then out with him in 2012, otherwise he’ll be in office for the next eight years. As long as the country succeeds, I’m okay with it.

  2. greenmtnpunter

    Your CA profligate spending story was lnked on my other fave blog, Maggie’s Farm. Have you seen this blog? Daily posts of links to timely stories with a center-right right political outlook, quite similar to sentiments expressed on “For What It’s Worth”. The Maggie’s poster was remarking how your posts on Bernie and Walter have been fascinating. If the Maggie’s Farm folks approve of your blog that’s a big plus and you will soon see another jump in traffic. Keep up the good work!

  3. Peg

    The people who claim to be journalists today are anything but. And – when The One turns out to be human, and not the second coming, don’t think for a moment that this will encumber most of this herd. Everything will simply be repackaged, massaged and distributed wholly unlike how it was for GWB, to make The One glow in the best possible light.

    For the most part, the real journalism you find is outside the MSM and in QUALITY blogs like yours, Christopher πŸ™‚

  4. greenmtnpunter

    If things weren’t bad enough I see a story on Drudge today which claims that McCain and the two RINO’s from Maine will deliver the votes to break any Republican filibuster in the Senate for Obama’s spendthrift ways. Great, Huh? How did we ever let this guy be the nominee? We didn’t, it was all of those Democrat-Independent crossover votes in open primary states which gave us McCain. How about closing up those primaries as the first step toward taking the party back for Republicans? No, I don’t care if we lose even more next time- eventually we won’t be. Now we’ll have McCain infuriating us for the next two years after having infuriated us for the previous twenty+. Are Republicans just plain stupid?

  5. greenmtnpunter

    Think positive all you salespeople out there. My Winter flyer now carries the message: “The 2009 Economic Recovery is Underway- Now IS The Time To Buy!”. I am anticipating the “herd” to do an abrupt about face next week once they are brainwashed by the all glowing, all the time media coverage of the Obama Econonic Recovery. Get ready for the dawn of a new age!

  6. Anonymous

    Don’t blame me…I voted for Romney πŸ˜‰