FGG is shutting down! No it’s not! yes it is!

Conflicting stories about whether or not Walter Noel’s Fairfield Greenwich Group is shutting its doors. Depending on whom you talk to, they’re either still open for business or packing away their pencils. It’s academic, really, because it’s a “when” not “if” question. Even if there were a single investor left in the world willing to entrust his savings to a group that lost $7.5 billion to a Ponzi scheme like Madoff’s, the wave of law suits washing towards FGG will bankrupt it and its principals – the latter group would include Walter, by the way. My only question: how soon before 175 Round Hill Road goes up for sale? Even at fire-sale pricing, it should fetch at least $5.5 million and I have a buyer who might like it.

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  1. CEA

    Maybe you can package it with 180 Round Hill Rd across the street and sell it as an “estate with (cottage) outbuilding”.