Bush derangement syndrome continues

Former Enron advisor and current New York Times columnist Paul Krugman  calls for criminal investigations into Bush administration’s actions over the past eight years.  It is the most popular emailed article on the paper’s website and, assuming that these emails are generated by the Time’s typical reader, the left is with Krugman. Why would anyone want to tie up the country for another four years rehashing hysterical theories? Well, you start with the general low IQ of your average leftist, of course, but Krugman at least has the brains of a turnip and surely must know better. My guess is that he, and any fellow sentient beings who follow his logic, know that the Obama administration is doomed and along with it, all the economic nostrums championed by professor Krugman. So what to do? How to avoid being asked to explain this failure? Ratchet up the BDS sufferers, of course, and distract them. From now and continuing forever, it will be all Bush, all the time. Or so he must hope.


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2 responses to “Bush derangement syndrome continues

  1. kidding really?

    NY Times like USA Today is selling, laying off anything and everything to stay afloat. Paul might be a good chunk of change to cut some costs. Expect Paul Krugman to be blogging in a few years on the Huffington Post. I bet the NY Times in current form will not make it to endorse another Democrat let alone see the next US President in office.

  2. Hiram

    Krugman, Frank Rich, and Maureen Dowd see how their most virulent anti-Bush columns become the most popular emailed ones, and I’m sure they keep ratcheting up the anger in response. Instead of reasoning through issues, they are playing strictly to the BDS crowd. I wonder how popular they are among those who actually pay for the paper. They’re not popular with me, who USED to pay for it.