Churchill: “when the tide goes out, you discover who’s swimming naked”

Yet another money manager is on the lam. Gosh, we’ve already had a D.B. Cooper type,  a fugitive Russian banker, at least two Ponzi schemes uncovered by the S.E.C., one focusing on Haitian -Americans the other on Catholic priests, and the market has only just started to crash! Imagine the fun as the receding tide uncovers these frauds by the dozens. Here’s the latest crook to take to his heels – I’d say he looks too old for a life of crime but Bernie Madoff’s 70 and Walt Noel will be 79 on his next birthday, if he remembers his next birthday. Of course, looking at that former beauty queen wife of Art’s, it’s possible he’s just run away with the counter girl from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Update: Here’s another one, in Idaho! This is getting to be really fascinating.

Peg Nadel and Art Nadel

Peg Nadel and Art Nadel 

Peg Nadel and Art Nadel 
Art Nadel’s love for his wife, Peg, flows readily as he describes his favorite picture of her playing “dress up” when she was a little girl. The former model for Vogue magazine still turns heads as they walk hand in hand through the streets of Sarasota, enjoying the music, arts and culture that remain so much a part of their active lives. 
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(First aired on March 24th, 2006)

Music credits: Sunday in New York by Ralph Moore, Who It Is You Are, Savoy Records



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3 responses to “Churchill: “when the tide goes out, you discover who’s swimming naked”

  1. PrimeTimeMom

    What’s to keep Mr. Noel from fleeing to Mustique? Has the government confiscated his passport yet? I would hate for the Island elite to have to cope with the psychological stress of helicopters overhead.

  2. Anonymous

    Did Churchill also make the tide comment? I thought that came from Warren Buffett’s 2001 Chairman’s Comments of Berkshire Hathaway.

    • christopherfountain

      I’m pretty sure it was Churchill (older than Buffet’s use of it anyway) I’ll Google it when I leave this iPhone and get back to my computer.