Anyone seen Walt and Monica recently?

That genius Bernie Madoff may have been too dumb to git while the gittin’ was good but Little Bernie, Art Nadel, apparently learned from the master’s example. His Subaru has been found at a Florida international airport and authorities think that Art, and his stolen money, may have left the jurisdiction. Hey, it’s only $350 million, barely enough to hire a bimbo to accompany you on a fly fishing trip to the Seychelles but it beats being cooped up in a New York penthouse all winter.

I’m just wondering why no one’s at the Noel’s Round Hill cottage. gee, I hope everything’s all right up there.


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4 responses to “Anyone seen Walt and Monica recently?

  1. PrimeTimeMom

    Seriously, where are they?

  2. the noel's ask you to leave a message

    to answer your question, call 212-737-5960 or visit 812 park avenue, new york 10021, the noels are busy emptying the ny office of FGG and will close by end of month

  3. Noel's don't even plow the driveway

    all the Brazilian help are away in the greenwich house and the newspapers are piling in the driveway. it is the perfect time for that mr goldner to strick again by doing the second story robbery again in town. please come home noel’s-your neighbors do miss you.

  4. Monica gets served Walter's papers (and it is not the Greenwich Time)

    Monica just got served papers on January 13 at 175 Round Hill Rd. See page 5 of the Wolf Popper lawsuit on the internet.