FGG shutting down?

I keep getting word that it is but who knows? Lisa Anonymous apparently does so Lisa, if you can, please send details. Thanks.


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  1. 33rd Floor at 55 East 52 St Fairfield Greenwich Office Available Soon

    For those interested, Fisher Brothers will be leasing the space out when Fairfield Greenwich Group leaves the 33rd Floor (about 30,000 square feet) at 55 East 52 Street. Some building tenants are starting to see employees packing up stuff at odd hours. Check with building management at 212-752-5000 as to exactly when Fairfield Greenwich Group leaves the space entirely. The 23rd floor is currently looking for a new tenant.


    The overall size of Park Avenue Plaza is 1.2 million square feet.

    Location, location, location. The Noel group has a good eye for real estate.

  2. Charles Murphy of Fairfield Greenwich Group lives at 202 Round Hill Rd in Greenwich

    Check out page 6 of the lawsuit papers for another one of Walter Noel’s partners at FGG and neighbor of his in Greenwich . Charles Murphy’s “cook” got delivery of lawsuit at 202 Round Hill Road recently.

    Click to access 0.pdf

    Why didn’t they just send it to Charles Murphy’s $33 million dollar townhouse in New York that he bought just 2 years ago when he joined FGG? At least we know where the money came from and how some of it was spent. Time to get it all back to the people who lost their shirts in this scam.


  3. The nuts don't fall too far from the tree

    Looking for Philip Toub and his wife Alix. Yes, that’s right. They they live in Greenwich too! Near dad Walter and mom Monica. Or at least close by at 14 Knollwood Drive in Greenwich-about 2 minutes from Round Hill Road. Sorry, the phone is unlisted.

  4. Anonymous

    Looks like they share space with some other fancy named tenants: BlackRock – 150k sf, Duff & Phelps – 60k sf, Evercore Partners – 150k sf, McKinsey & Co, – 386k sf, Swiss Re – 222k sf.

    Hopefully one of them needs the extra FGG space.