Caroline – she’s in, she’s out, she’s in, she’s out – for now, you know?

The Post says that Carline Kennedy has withdrawn her name from the NY Senate appointment because she wasn’t going to get picked anyway. I’ll be glad if she’s picked up her toys and returned to her penthouse but The Post is the same paper that reported just a day r two ago that her seat was a done deal, so I’ll hold off celebrating, for now.

Is it too mean to wonder if Governor Patterson decided he could afford to dump her because her uncle doesn’t look like he’s going to be the Senior Senator from Massachusetts much longer?

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One response to “Caroline – she’s in, she’s out, she’s in, she’s out – for now, you know?

  1. Stanwich

    No, that isn’t mean at all…it is true, well at least that he won’t be senator much longer. He got to live about 40 years longer than Mary Jo, he was the Senate’s resident murderer.

    I doubt Patterson needed Fat Boy Ted’s help. His election is going to be based very much upon how he handles Lower Manhattan rebuilding and the looming budget crisis. So far people have been impressed.

    Thanks goodness Caroline is out of contention, she is too timid and would have floundered. If you are too scared to release your financials then you are not ready for a campaign in two years and you sure as hell are not ready for Washington politics. Drudge/NYPost would have eaten her alive.