No Apple store on the Avenue but foul water in your tap!

Fareri (sp?) , the developer who owns the old theatre on Greenwich Avenue, was back before P&Z last night trying to eliminate a previous decision of the board that he must use the third floor of the building for residential apartments, period (apparently that’s what our zoning code demands for Greenwich Avenue, no exceptions). He said (his lawyer John Tesei said) that Apple wouldn’t move in if they had to share the space with unwashed tenants and no Apple, say goodbye to retail on the Avenue (or maybe lower Greenwich Avenue – I wasn’t there). Every store owner on the Avenue agreed with this prediction of doom and signed letters saying so but no go, so goodbye, Apple. I’d see them at the mall, if I went to the mall. Of course, I’d miss them on the Avenue if I shopped on the Avenue and I don’t, so…. 

On a brighter note for fruit cakes, the water company’s plans for an improved, expanded filtration system at its plant on Dairy Road was deep sixed due to neighbors objections that they had bought their beautiful, rustic homes in this bucolic neighborhood completely unaware of the existence of any kind of filter plant and were now horrified that their cows would stop giving milk and their chickens would go off their feed if the plant were allowed to be updated. That was good enough for the P&Z and if it’s not good enough for you, well go buy some Fiji water, while you still can.


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6 responses to “No Apple store on the Avenue but foul water in your tap!

  1. Which theater are you referring to in this article? I’d be anxious to know more about specific Apple plans for this space.

    • christopherfountain

      The former movie theatre on Greenwich Avenue (the only theatre on the Ave. – across from Fawcett Place and Richards.

  2. Kidding Really??

    I’d rather not have an Apple store on the Avenue but a bowling alley would be fun.

    • christopherfountain

      There used to be one where Kinko’s FedEx is (maybe a theatre too? can’t remember). But that’s been gone for awhile.

  3. Anonymous

    Is that the same Ferrari who built the Holly Hill condo’s opposite the “recycling” on West Putnam? If so, I guess why residential doesn’t suit him.

  4. fred

    Pickwick Lanes. Next to Cheesebough Ponds.

    Used to be a bowling alley in Port Chester, one in Armonk, at least 2 in Stamford-one was just over the border where Ethan Allen now sits. Used to be……

    If one wishes to bowl, one must hike to Norwalk or White Plains.