Shark sighting – swim, Monica, swim!

A class action bucket shop has issued a press release (treated as a real news article by the Stamford Advocate but that’s what you’re reduced to when you fire all your reporters) announcing an “investigation” into the affairs of Walter Noel and other feeder funds. Walt’s got plenty on his plate to worry about despite winning in court today, and this press release is really nothing but an attempt to dig up clients so that they really can sue him and start ruining his life, but these kind of parasites will eventually bleed him out. I can’t, but his friends may want to start feeling sorry for him.

Keller Rohrback L.L.P. ( today announced that it is investigating the actions of MassMutual’s Tremont Group Holdings, Inc. (“Tremont”); Rye Investment Management; Oppenheimer Funds; Fairfield Greenwich Advisors (“Fairfield”); Access International Advisors; and Maxam Capital Management, on behalf of investors who lost millions in the long-running Ponzi scheme at Bernard Madoff Investment Securities (“Madoff”).

Keller Rohrback’s investigation concerns the legal rights of investors who suffered a loss by entrusting their money to various holding companies and investment funds, such as Tremont’s Rye Select Broad Market Fund (the “Rye Fund”), Fairfield’s Sentry Fund;

Dig that website address – Class with a capital K. And how about the “news” that “the investigation concerns the legal rights of investors who suffered a loss….” that means they’ve assigned a couple of first year associates to blow the dust off their securities law textbooks and start writing memoranda of law suitable for the intelligence and understanding of a doddering senior partner who will have, I promise you, a set of gleaming false white teeth and a very, very expensive suit. I don’t know why, they just do. Always.

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