Walter keeps his house!

A judge refused today to freeze Noel assets, buying their argument that they’re Madoff victims too. Wow. In the good old days, we lawyers in Connecticut could initiate a suit by freezing a defendant’s assets. Such fun, and so effective in coercing an early settlement but sadly, a tad unconstitutional (lawyers from out of state were astonished by the process) and eventually, our Supreme Court knocked it out. Took all the fun out of suing, darn it.

So what will Noel’s creditors do next? I don’t know, but David Boise Boies will probably figure out something.


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4 responses to “Walter keeps his house!

  1. clay colbath

    Its really too bad, that the SEC couldn’t have done its job,
    maybe they’re in on it too
    how much is being paid behind the scenes?
    when does the new administration’s accountability standards go into effect? After the Geitner hearings are over?

  2. Hiram

    It’s David Boies you mean.

    • christopherfountain

      I knew that was wrong when I spelt it, but I was lazy and figured, he’s sort of a public speaker anyway.

  3. Hiram

    I have to keep you a little honest now that Prof. Reynolds seem to be a regular reader of yours.