Hold that line, dammit!

10 Tod Lane

10 Tod Lane

In April 2005 this house on Tod Lane was listed for $2.795 million and sold five days later, via bidding war, for $2.905 million. Those were good days for sellers, bad for buyers – which makes me wonder, when Mad Monkey refers to “greedy buyers” today, whether he appliedthe same term to sellers four years ago, but never mind – today, it’s been relisted, for $2.495 million. Someone didn’t get MM’s memo, obviously, about refusing to give in to market conditions. I don’t need CEA’s sophisticated calculator to figure out that the owner is not expecting a profit on this one.


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2 responses to “Hold that line, dammit!

  1. Mad Monkey

    CF! Give me equity! Otherwise, I walk!

    At client dinner. Tmrw, rip city! Losers!