Libertarians and Republicans: an uneasy co-existence

As a limited-government, small “l” libertarian, I’d been wondering how to express my disappointment with the Republican Party these past eight years. Reader Michael Diamond has provided the answer. 



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5 responses to “Libertarians and Republicans: an uneasy co-existence

  1. pulled up in OG

    There goes Ronnie’s legacy . . . they finally pooh-poohed trickle-down economics.

  2. OGRCC

    libertarian is just another word for closet republican

  3. Peg

    Republicans should only be somewhat more libertarian…. sigh.

  4. wookieenation


    Libertarian is not another word for closet Republican. There is so much difference between the two philosophies now that saying they’re one in the same is like trying to argue which religion is the one, true belief: a futile effort.

  5. anony-moose

    The more recent wave of Republican dominance (Congress from 1994-2006, and of course, two terms of George W.) was brought about in large part because of a coalition of fundamentalist social conservatives and neoconservatives. As such, it was their agendas that were most often serviced, and unfortunately neither group has proper libertarian leanings.

    New England has had numerous liberal strongholds for a while, but it is now viewed as solidly liberal, in part because our conservatives were more likely to be like Chris Fountain than like Jerry Falwell, and many of those realized that there’s no real support for them in today’s Republican party.

    (disclaimer: this post is from a lefty, though admittedly a centrist one, who respects certain old timey conservative ideas, like balancing a budget)