Does Jeff Tucker, the other Fairfield Greenwich partner, have a son in the business?

This gossip item in the Daily News says that one Titania Boncompagni, is giving up fighting with her sister in order to devote her attention to other, more pressing things, like the impending financial doom awaiting her family. 

The sisters who went to war over authorship of a book called “Hedge Fund Wives” have ended their feud – possibly because there’s not much left to fight over.

Natasha Boncompagni, accused by her sister Tatiana of stealing the book manuscript in a dispute over whether Natasha should get credit for contributing to it, said the battle is over. She said Tatiana, the “Gilding Lily” author whose husband is an heir to the Hoover vacuum empire and son of a hedge fund magnate, has enough trouble.

That’s because the hedge fund is Fairfield Greenwich Group, which lost $7 billion to Bernard Madoff and faces unending lawsuits from investors.

“Our family has decided to put our differences behind us in order to unite behind my sister and her two young children as she faces the impending litigation associated with the business dealings of her father-in-law,” Natasha said in a statement.

So far as I know, the Fabulous Noel girls are the only fruit of the union between Walter and Monica Noel, so unless one of those five married a girl (hey – it happens in every family – ask Dick Cheney, if you can find him these days) then Titania’s husband must be the son of the other partner, Jeff Tucker, no? I hadn’t heard of him but if he exists and happens to live in Greenwich, wouldn’t that be delicious? We have our reputation to maintain, you know, so the more crooks we can produce, the better.

Update: The two sisters hate each other but this letter from Natasha says that Tatania’s husband’s Hoover connection is bogus.[In Citifile] Still can’t find a Fairfield Group connection but we’ll keep digging.

It must be noted that one of her remaining claims via HarperCollins marketing materials– that her husband (Max Hoover) is an heir to the Hoover vacuum cleaning fortune—is categorically false. Her husband’s family sold the company decades ago and no member of the family is a majority nor minority stockholder. It is a well-known fact that her husband’s father—”Bunker” Hoover—squandered the family’s fortune. His last remaining home in Nova Scotia was foreclosed upon this year and he is currently living at the home of his ex-wife (the actress Camilla Sparv) and his unemployed son (Bart Hoover).

Update 2: rereading Natasha’s letter, I am still confused. It was Natasha who once worked for Fairfield Group, and yet Tatania’s husband, Max Hoover is being sued? Hmmm.

Furthermore, it should be known that while technically a work of fiction, one of the main characters (Marcy) in “Hedge Fund Wives” is autobiographical and based on my Wall Street career and insider’s knowledge of the social workings of the Hedge Fund community: the character begins her career in a two year investment banking program (as I did at UBS) and then proceeds to work as a Relationship Officer in Private Banking (as I did at Citigroup) and then later on, her work in the alternative asset management business (as I did at the Fairfield Greenwich Group and Barker Capital). 

Google, at least, turns up no link between Max Hoover and Fairfield Greenwich (there’s a guy by that name selling light bulbs in Brooklyn, but that connection seems dim). So what lawsuit threatens to destroy the quarreling sisters’ lives? Intriguing.

More: “Bunker” is actually Herbert Hoover

Bunker was one of those dumb American Lloyds of London “names” who got cleaned out in the 1990s when the insurance game turned against them. Here’s the decision that removed the case to England

Removal to England, which passed a special law immunizing Lloyds from suits against pesky American investors, wasn’t seen as a hopeful sign for the Americans’ chances of recovery, according to this WSJ article. 


Herbert W Hoover III, known to his friends as ‘Bunker’ and once married to Hollywood star Camilla Sparv, former wife of producer Robert Evans. Camilla, who has two sons by ‘Bunker’ – Herbert, 29, and Maximillian, 27 – is now 57 and before marrying …


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2 responses to “Does Jeff Tucker, the other Fairfield Greenwich partner, have a son in the business?

  1. maxxman

    Did the Daily News misquote her?

    She and her sister (married to a Max Hoover) had a huge fight over a book her sister wrote which Natasha claimed was written in part by her based on her own experience at Fairfield Greenwich:

    PS Found this doing search using for Natasha Boncompagni.

  2. pulled up in OG

    Bloomberg: “Neither sister is married to a hedge fund manager, according to Natasha.”