Matt Lauer trapped in building with Madoff, wants out

Two roomies, one grateful to be staying out of jail, the other feeling as though he’s in one. Matt Lauer owns an apartment in the same 64th Street building Bernie Madoff is holed up in and, since the paparazzi can’t get pictures of Bernie, they content themselves with snapping Matt and his kids. He hates it. “I’d go home to Greenwich,” Lauer says, “but there are more freakin’ Madoffs there than here.” Reminded that all of the Fabulous Five Noel Girls are also in Greenwich, Lauer visibly brightened. “Gee, I haven’t done equestrian sports in ages – maybe we can do the Today Show out in the country for awhile.”

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One response to “Matt Lauer trapped in building with Madoff, wants out

  1. NYCT101

    Matt is just mad because now he cannot be sneaky about cheating on Annette.
    Esp since hes not on the road with Matt all the time.
    He told his trainer how he cheats…she was cheating too on her trainer spouse.
    Nice neighbors for all on Lex