New York Times fires fact checker, Pinch to handle all such petty details from now on.

Yesterday’s NYT article about the Fairfield Greenwich Group hot shot who was being forced to consider selling his $35 million Manhattan townhouse called him “Richard Murphy”. An alert reader of this blog corrected them – it’s Charles Murphy, of 202 Round Hill Road, a neighbor of Walter Noel himself. I checked the FGG propaganda sheet and sure enough, there’s Charlie. Another Harvard Law graduate. I’m astonished. [update: a reader says there are two Charles Murphys and the one on Round Hill didn’t work for FGG – hmm]

As an aside, I see from the bird’s eye view linked to above that Charles lives next door to Casey Jones, head of William Pitt Stamford. The Jones house was up for sale years ago and I remember finding it ironic that the head of a real estate firm could so over-price his house. I don’t think it ever did sell; perhaps we have discovered Mad Monkey’s true identity!

Update: I stand corrected. Like the NYT, I can get facts wrong, but at least I do check them. Charles Murphy doesn’t live next to Casey Jones, he bought Casey’s house (in 2006 – how long before our tax records reflect that?). But my memory about its price was accurate. Jones listed it for $7.250 million in April, 2004 and 616 days later sold it for 69% of that sum, an even $5 million. It’s still probably worth $4.25 today so FGG creditors, take notice. Here’s its picture, in case the process server can’t find the place:

202 Round Hill Road

202 Round Hill Road


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4 responses to “New York Times fires fact checker, Pinch to handle all such petty details from now on.

  1. factchecker

    still wrong. you confuse fgg and greenwich guy.

  2. Charles Murphy of FGG lives near Walter in Greenwich and NYC

    A Wolf Popper lawyer had Walter’s papers served to Monica (see top of page 5) on Jan 13 at 175 Round Hill Road. Another service was made to FGG Partner Charles Murphy’s “cook” at 202 Round Hill Road (see middle page 7).

    Click to access 0.pdf

    Charles Murphy owes the NYC 25 foot wide brownstone on 7 East 67 Street. He paid $33 million.

    The Page 6 photo shows the Bronfman brothers

    The NYT Real Estate section erroneously listed the banker as Richard Murphy. For those who care.

  3. factchecker

    wolf popper got it wrong. too busy chasing ambulances to get it straight. no doubt the cook simply tossed the papers.