So far so good

Or so said the jumper as he passed the 35th floor of the Empire State Building on his way down. Hedge funds are already reporting this year’s performance and, with just a couple of exceptions, they’re all up. Tyler Durden, who compiled this report, notes that the only way the funds could be up in such a down period is if they’re busy selling short. As Phillip Blumberg, Dean of my Law School and my corporation law professor used to caution, “gentlemen, the number one cause of suicide on Wall Street is selling short.” Look out below.


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3 responses to “So far so good

  1. anonymous

    Tyler Durden, co-founder of “Fight Club”?

  2. kidding really? What would Tyler Durden do? A much better Tyler Durden web blog.

    So based on that performance only 30%+ more upside to go before the high water mark is met? (note… no performance bonus for everyone until high water marks are exceeded)