Going back 5 years for new asking prices

26 Weston Hill RVSD

26 Weston Hill RVSD

This Riverside house sold for $2.995 million in 2004. It came back on the market today asking $3.095. Even assuming a minimal amount of negotiation, and I’d expect there would be more than that, we’re back five years. Probably more.


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4 responses to “Going back 5 years for new asking prices

  1. gideonfountain

    Um, shouldn’t we wait and see what this house actually sells for before drawing conclusions about how much the Greenwich market is down?

  2. christopherfountain

    Unless you’re expecting a bidding war to break out over this house, an event I think unlikely, we can already conclude that its asking price is back to 2004. Waiting for its eventual sale price will, I believe, only push us further down the old time scale.

  3. Anonymous

    But didn’t the market peak about 3 years ago? Remember the house on Keofferam that sold for over 4m and then scraped.

  4. J

    Can we safely assume that the buyer in 2004 was a bit overzealous in their offer to purchase?