Sales activity?

Rumors going around – no one wants to be specific yet – that this past weekend saw a good amount of offers made and accepted. That wouldn’t surprise me because I did see a lot of other agents out and about with buyers and, even if many listings remain over priced on paper, it’s entirely possible that the owners got religion on Sunday and, faced with a real, bona fide offer, took it. I hope so. We’ll know soon, if contracts are reported.


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2 responses to “Sales activity?

  1. FlyAngler


    Two related observations:

    1) Not all hedge funds and investment banking/trading types were stiffed on bonuses this year. While the numbers may have been significantly off relative to the prior year, they could still have been substantial.

    2) Bonus checks were deposited from many firms within the past couple of weeks.

    While I have no idea of whether there is a relationship to the observations from this past weekend, there may be a bit of a relationship here.

  2. christopherfountain

    Wouldn’t surprise me – although one of my clients is not dancing on top of his car in glee over his bonus, he got one, and the others all seem to have weathered the storm nicely. Obviously, if that’s true for my own limited sampling of the financial world, there indeed must be a larger group out there, ready to buy of the price is right.