Buying surge?

Hardly, but as I reported yesterday, buyers were out over the weekend and making offers. Worst case I heard? A deal was struck, numbers and terms agreed on and the kids nixed the deal – their bedrooms were too small! I’ve seen the house and unless those kids are 6’7″, they need lessons in gratitude, not an additional inculcation of entitlement.

Reader KrazyKat wrote to point out that Wall Street did pay bonuses this year and those checks have begun landing in people’s mailboxes, which may explain the sudden revival in at least looking at houses. This story confirms that, but says many of the recipients are disappointed in what they received. They probably had huge bedrooms when they were kids.


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3 responses to “Buying surge?

  1. DebtVulture

    Brilliant parents…having their children dictate for them what will be one of their biggest buying decisions ever!

  2. CEA

    “Kids nixed deal” sounds more like an excuse for “Parents got cold feet”.