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A summary of Madoff/Noel, up to now

Here’s an excellent, pretty detailed overview of Madoff, Noel and the various characters in this Ponzi as of January 29th. From England, of all places.


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Those Fabulous Noel Sons in law

Know anything about them? How they met the girls? Did they have to agree to work for Walt in order to bed a Noel girl or was it the other way around? Toub’s father is a Lebanese shipper? Swiss shipper of Lebanese extraction? If Switzerland can field an America’s Cup challenger does that mean one can become a shipper in that land-locked country, too? These and more questions are coming, sort of from an inquisitive reporter and I, of course, am delighted to get dirt on my favorite Greenwich story. Any and all contributions welcome. Thanks!


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Why don’t we just give the librarians a good dose of clap?

Thanks to reader Paco for pointing out this last bit of absurdity in the article on the Washington Post’s decision to eliminate its book review section.

Douglas Brinkley, the historian, suggested that the book industry and book reviews deserved some kind of public bailout. “I think that just like public television— I think book review sections almost need to get subsidized to keep the intellectual life in America alive,” Mr. Brinkley said. “So if we can do that for radio and we could do it for television, why can’t we do it for the book industry, which is terribly suffering right now?”

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If this doesn’t stir up some stimulus, nothing will

The emergency economic stimulus bill our new president insists absolutely positively must be passed immediately if our country is to avoid catastrophe includes $355 million for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. The trouble with me, I guess, is I just don’t comprehend nuances. Or something.


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CitiGroup Private Banking Customer Care

Want your money back? Forget it, chump.  Actually, the poor schnook who received the letter I link to is lucky, in that maybe, someday, if the hedge funds CitiCorp invested with on his behalf ever change their minds, he might get some of his money back. I’m friends with a former banker who said his absolute worst job as a young banker was to write “Dear Customer, please be advised that your trust no longer meets this bank’s minimum financial standards and you’ll have to take your business elsewhere” letters. He would be  assigned this duty after his betters in the Trust Department had mismanaged and frittered away huge sums, all while collecting generous management fees for their oversight. My friend says he didn’t mind writing the letters so much as dreading the unhinged phone calls he’d get upon their receipt.

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The poor dears will just have to come home to their shanty in Milbrook

Marissa Noel Brown and hubby facing financial woes (what, really? How come?) and will have to sell their $9 million NYC Co-Op.  I’ll bet Attorney Boies is ticked that judge wouldn’t let him freeze Noel assets, eh?

UPDATE: More details from NY Observer here. Warning – read only if you have a heart of stone and are indifferent to human suffering.


Chateau Milbrook-Noel, as decorated by Missy McCloy

Chateau Milbrook-Noel, as decorated by Missy McCloy


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Books? We don’ need no stinkin’ books!

Washington Post to dump book review section.

UPDATE: An chew don’ need no stinkin’ mail!


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