Here’s a shocker: Hamilton Avenue project needs more money

“We’ve been racking up fees”   (Project head Frank) Mazza said. “There were items we never foresaw that ended up in the budget.”

I don’t see how this could happen, when our local amateurs have been doing so well, bringing in the school ahead of schedule and under budget. Yet here’s an even greater disappointment: “Mazza said he also anticipated having to pay for some additional building modifications, known as ‘change orders.’ ”

Couldn’t we apply for FEMA funds to cover this? Stupidity and incompetence on this scale must surely constitute some form of natural disaster.


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4 responses to “Here’s a shocker: Hamilton Avenue project needs more money

  1. Stanwich

    I voted for the initial funding for this school when I was a member of the RTM. This is a unmitigated disaster, if not outright fraud & incompetence. How successive BOE’s and administrations could let this thing become such a fiscal monster is beyond me. Has anyone in the Town of Greenwich ever negotiated a contract?

    I just don’t understand, and nobody has ever explained this. We deserve much better than this.

  2. dogwalker

    Stanwich, if you are feeling so inclined, would you care briefly to share your perspective on what the biggest (or even among the most significant) problems were? TIA, in any event.

  3. Towny

    When Fred Kreuter directed the BOE Facilities Dept, he ran all school construction projects himself. 70 million spent. Always under budget and always on time.

    In Fred’s time the RTM building committe’s were but decorative mouth pieces with no power. They defered to Mr. Kreuter.

    Mr. Kreuter put Ham Ave up for steam pipe rehab every year since 1983 only to be denied by the RTM-BET (year after year). Stingy-ness with tax dollars is what caused the ultimate demise of Ham Ave School and nearly half a dozen others.

    After Kreuter retired and the BOE was searching for a replacement, is when the Ham Ave disaster occurred.

    Ham Ave is the first school construction project to be completely managed by an RTM building committee. The results are in.

    The BET and RTM couldnt manage their way out of a wet paper bag. These jerks, while trying to keep tax rates within 2-4% growth, ignored the pressing needs of the Town, and have since had to BOND over 100 million in rehab money for the schools alone. Plus they lost 130 mil of retirement money, nearly 40% and they no longer fund it with new hires. Uh-oh!

  4. pulled up in OG

    Putting aside Worthless Construction for now, who gave out the contract(s) to the architect/engineers that didn’t require compliance with all state and local building codes, at their risk?