2001 pricing on North Street

718-north-st718 North is what I suppose I’d call a tired old house on great property with water views of the water company’s “lake”. You can’t use that lake – it’s a reservoir – but no one else can, either, so your privacy is assured. The present owners paid $3.583 million for the house and land in 2001 and have been trying sporadically to sell it since 2004. It’s back on the market today with a new broker and a new, lower price of $3.5 million. If we fall back to 1997 prices, you’ll be able to buy this place for $2.635 million. I hate to tell you this, but that number doesn’t strike me as impossible.


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3 responses to “2001 pricing on North Street

  1. anonymous

    Effectively a land buy….what’s it on? 4acs?

    ?$500K/ac for 4acs is ~$2MM

    Lots of land to choose from in Greenwich….not a lot of buyers of land these days…

  2. I find it hard to believe you see this home as “a tired old house” Does this mean that anything that is built after 2000 is the holy grail of homes. Tired? – Where they all look alike one more fearful of being different. It has got t be sothing that wi ibkkkkkkkk

  3. Jeanne Howell

    Finishing my comment of 1/30: I guess I never see anything as tired or old because I’m on of those people who see the beauty beyond the lack of TLC. There are many levels of “tired” from needing paint to knocking it down and 718 can be both. As for water, any water means $$$ I just came from one of those Norwalk new homes on a postage stamp ($2.5) and enjoyed the water through my eyes only because I was scared to death to swim or float in it. It just wasn’t organic enough. When you live on the Sound you get to see first hand what’s in it and some stuff you wouldn’t believe. “For what its worth”, if we go back to 1997 prices, its not only “tired old homes” we will be talking about. The new broker.