Bernie’s penthouse is going -is Walt and Monica’s cottage next?

The NY Post reports that brokers have been asked by the trustee overseeing the unwinding of all affairs Madoff  has asked for price opinions on the penthouse in preparation for its sale. Bernie wil have to have a place to stay while awaiting trial if he’s evicted from the apartment however – could he be coming to Andy’s place at 20 Cherry Valley? Or Mark’s place n Tomac Avenue in OG? That would be fun.

I have no news on any impending sale of Walt’s and Monica’s digs. To my surprise and disappointment, I have not been asked up for a tour and to give a price opinion. But the year is young.


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3 responses to “Bernie’s penthouse is going -is Walt and Monica’s cottage next?

  1. Anon

    Walt has 5 horses – it’s a barn, not a cottage.

  2. pulled up in OG

    From the comments on the Gawker link:

    “I do not know which is worse…. hanging out with an Upper East Side Real Estate Broker and Salesperson, or Bernie Madoff.”