Kindle update

This smart fellow at Silcon Valley Insider has figured out that The New York Times could slash its delivery costs at least in half by stopping printing the rag and giving each of its subscribers a Kindle. That’s kind of cool – do it, Pinch, and I’ll keep my subscription.

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  1. pulled up in OG

    Nothing to do w/this post, Chris.

    re: Conyers/Conyer’s debate

    “England’s second-largest city has decided to drop apostrophes from all its street signs, saying they’re confusing and old-fashioned.

    But some purists are downright possessive about the punctuation mark.

    It seems that Birmingham officials have been taking a hammer to grammar for years, quietly dropping apostrophes from street signs since the 1950s.”

    “Apostrophes denote possessions that are no longer accurate, and are not needed,”