Round Hill Road 25% off

351 Round Hill Road

351 Round Hill Road

I like this house very much. It’s well designed and beautifully built. It has two acres in the 4 acre zone but those two acres support a pool, good yard and views over meadows and woods. Who needs more?

It came on back in 2007 asking $7.275 million which I suppose was too aggressive – the market (don’t tell Susan Nova) was beginning to shut down, even then. It’s had a number of price cuts since then and today was marked down to $5.430 million. Compared to other houses in this price range, I like this one. Your tastes may differ, but it’s worth a long look, in my opinion.


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2 responses to “Round Hill Road 25% off

  1. anonymous

    Interesting datapoint…

    Good location, supposedly decently built house

    But land is 2acs at ?$600K/ac, so ~$1.2MM value today

    Perhaps $400/sf build costs; assume 7K sf, so $2.8MM struc costs

    So, perhaps build cost is ~$4MM; ambitious today is ~10% profit margin for builder….arguably plenty more discounts to come….will be interesting to see for what (and when) it finally sells

    House is >1yo…should one depreciate its value for decay of poss being stinked up by some hygiene-challenged tenant….or simple mechanical, etc decay of disuse?

  2. Towny

    Decks on the front of the house? One could sit out there with morning coffee and count the school buses passing by………