Mauling Malls

The New York Times reports that shopping malls are in trouble. I couldn’t bring myself to read all 5 pages of the article but I gather that the economy needs malls and, more important, mall shoppers, if it is to recover. If that’s true then I say, bring on the depression. I hate malls. I have always hated malls. I won’t shop in them, I won’t visit them and unlike at least one shopper interviewed by the Times, I have no desire to be married in one. I have no desire to be married anywhere, but certainly not in the Mall of America. 

I have been in malls – I have two daughters – but I have never seen anything offered for sale in them that was necessary, well -priced or even attractive. The Sharper Image, filled with useless overpriced gadgets was the perfect symbol for a mall store and I believe they’re now bankrupt. When Apple opened a store in the Stamford mall I declined to visit but I was at least tempted to overcome my loathing for the mall experience. That brief temptation was a first and a last.

So sorry, but if downtowns are going to revert to rubble and slums, if teenagers will have nowhere to hang out and geriatrics no place to stroll with their walkers in the early morning, too bad, but that’s just the price we pay for progress.


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5 responses to “Mauling Malls

  1. Phil Grimm

    So Woody Allen’s Scenes From A Mall (filmed in Stamford) isn’t your favorite movie?

  2. christopherfountain

    Yeah, that’s something else I won’t go to: Woody Allen movies.

  3. anonymous

    Agree, malls are largely stuff for obese, aspirational middle-income types, to spend money they don’t have on junk…good to see retailing and credit shrink for the non-creditworthy masses

    But, as taxpayers, we’ll prob foot the bill for all those unemployed, illiterate retail workers, whose skill set is best suited for gvt jobs, union jobs or some other welfare handout in our socialist regime

    Most troubling about Greenwich isn’t malls/shopping (or lack thereof) but competence (or lack thereof) of local grocery stores and restaurants…far more relevant to daily QOL than shopping

  4. Retired IB'er

    Simon, head of Simon Properties the biggest developer of upscale malls in the country, said yesterday that he does not see them breaking ground for a new mall for the next 7 to 10 years.

    That speaks volumes about the overbuilt nature of US retailing and the likelihood of a robust recovery.

  5. OGRCC


    are you being sarcastic?

    I cannot tell.

    Your biggest gripe is the waitstaff at Greenwich restaurants and the person that scans your groceries? Have you ever been anywhere outside of our fair town? The daily QOL is Greenwich is not really impacted by the workers that toil in minimum wage jobs to serve the oh-so entitled wives of hedge fund traders and the like.

    I hope you don’t send your kids to any public schools in town…

    oh and I have come across many hardworking and competent town and government workers here in Greenwich and elsewhere. Not to mention retail workers that are :gasp: literate.