While bankers starve, local Demmerkrats feast

Local politicians displayed a blithe ignorance of the troubles of their neighbors this past week while gorging on stuffed swan, swallow tails and entire roast oxen at La Scala. “Who’s Walt Noel?”, Frank Farricker mumbled around a mouthful of turkey drumstick. When told that Walter and his wife Monica had been evicted from their Round Hill cottage and were now living in an unheated hut across the street Frank pretended a moment of concern. “Is he one of the caddies up at my club? Well, geeze, that’s too bad, but I thought that type went south for the winter. What is he, senile or sumptin?” He then returned to a discussion on raising taxes on the rich with Goldman Sachs alumnus Jim Hines. “S’go away,” he told this reporter. “We got work to do.”



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2 responses to “While bankers starve, local Demmerkrats feast

  1. pulled up in OG

    Fountain and Stevens at Friday’s open house?

    . . . . . nah!

  2. Stanwich

    Himes is such a douche, how he got elected has nothing to do with his abilities. We traded Shays for this retard. Farricker is not that bright, but at least he is nice.