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Obama – no coal, no nukes, it’s propeller beanies for all!

Obama cut off all funding for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste depository. Harry Reid is delighted as will be anti-nuke activists. If there’s no place to remove waste to, it will be that much easier to stop nuclear power plants. My prediction: we won’t see another coal or nuclear power plant built in my lifetime and I’d be surprised if I even see one powered by natural gas. The goal of these people is to destroy modern civilization and for some some strange reason, we seem to have decided to join them in a collective suicide.


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The Media and soldiers’ corpses

Defense Secretary bowed to his new boss’s pressure and this week modified the Pentagon’s ban on photographing the coffins of soldiers brought back to our country. The New York Times and other scum trumpeted this as a triumph of their desire to “honor our fallen heroes” when of course their intention was to exploit the dead, not honor them. The press wanted to use the pictures to stir up public sentiment against the Iraq war when Bush was running it. Today, the show “On the Media” aired an interview with some guy from Salon who said exactly that. Good for him – he’s the only honest man among the entire swarm of liars.

My prediction: we’ll get coverage of the first bodies to arrive, complete with the standard denunciation of Bush (and Cheney – lest we forget Cheney) and that’s it. It was always about Bush, nothing more. It’s Obama’s war now and there is no longer any need to oppose it.


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The scourge of adjustable rate mortgages

Just heard from a borrower whose adjustable rate mortgage was reset today. His is set to the T bill rate plus 2.375% so his new rate is … 2.875%. He’s probably entitled to sum dat dare stimmulus money, huh?

I’ve suggested that he switch to a fixed in a year or two before the Obama plan reignites inflation. I was the beneficiary of the last great Demmerkrat who wanted to save my soul by stealing my money, Jimmy Carter, and paid 14.5% on my first mortgage. We’re heading back there, I think.

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Lenin predicted it but Wall Streeters don’t read history

Some Obama supporters on Wall Street are beginning to see what they voted for and aren’t all that happy.

Lenin also said: “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”  I wonder who in Washington has read that?

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Just as long as they don’t supply pine cones as TP

Ryan Air to charge for use of toilets? It’s “under consideration.” I suppose guys like me can just open a window but it seems harsh for the ladies. Discrimination!

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Staging a house – worth it?

Stagers insist that it is and here’s another success story. I remain skeptical; I’ve seen plenty of houses sell that were staged and plenty that were empty and I’ve never noticed a difference in the prices they fetched or the speed with which they sold. I do agree with stagers that clearing clutter from a house is always important and absolutely essential if the sellers are packrats, but putting antique tables in parlors and pictures of other people’s children on the walls doesn’t strike me as a worthwhile expense. Your call, naturally.


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Chavez seizes rice factories

First he killed the oil industry, now he’s going after food. Poor Venezuela. All they’ll have left to look forward to are visits from Jimmy Carter and Sean Penn.

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