When you hate humanity, it’s easy to cheer on its demise

Global warming nut and Al Gore ally Jonathon Porritt: Use contraception and abortion to limit families to two children

COUPLES who have more than two children are being “irresponsible” by creating an unbearable burden on the environment, the government’s green adviser has warned.

Jonathon Porritt, who chairs the government’s Sustainable Development Commission, says curbing population growth through contraception and abortion must be at the heart of policies to fight global warming. He says political leaders and green campaigners should stop dodging the issue of environmental harm caused by an expanding population.

Last year the book, “The World Without Us” was a huge hit among the granola set even though its author demanded that a world government impose a limit of just one child per couple which would wipe out the human race at a pretty good clip. Our children – our tree hugger children, have been taught to hate their own species and hence their own lives.If an entire generation can be persuaded to wish fervently for its destruction, we’re in trouble. Who’s doing this? More interesting, to me, do they know what they’re doing? Great novel material here, if anyone will be around to read it.


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3 responses to “When you hate humanity, it’s easy to cheer on its demise

  1. Peg

    So we’re turning into China – except our folks get to keep 1 more? (Of course, that’s this year; who knows what lies ahead….)

  2. Mother

    Don’t go thinking that any of my numerous children will pay for pensions or be the oldies’ Nurses and Doctors of the future.
    You can all go out to work ’til your ninety and then keel over.
    I, on the other hand will have enough children and grandchildren to keep me in cruise ships and beach holidays until I’m however old.
    Oh, and by the way, if you have a baby in Europe, they pay you. Bit too socialist possibly, but just wait….
    Being a vegetarian means that I can drive an enormous gas-guzzler and still have a smaller carbon footprint than any carnivore (sorry Chris, know you like your animals cooked!).
    Also, did you notice all the Obama stickers on the Lexus’ have been scraped off this weekend?

  3. pulled up in OG

    6 + 8 = 14

    Better go see Yosemite . . . quick!