Gotta love staying power

8 Glen Court

8 Glen Court

This is a good house on a good street, close to town and with easy access to the hospital if you’re prone to heart attacks, say, or even recurring hangnails. The owners paid $1.3 million for it in 2001, renovated it nicely in 2003 and have been trying to sell it since 2007. They started at $2.4, raised it to $2.5, curiously enough, and have now dropped it back to $2.395. I admire the sellers’ determination to get what they want for their home, but I doubt they put $1 million into renovations and I’d suggest to them that two years spent at this price is strong evidence that buyers don’t value the house the way they do. File this one into the category, “houses not really for sale”, and hope for better times.


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3 responses to “Gotta love staying power

  1. Stanwich

    Nice house, although if the owners renovated recently (say the past 15 yrs.) then why the hell would you put that kind of wall paper and faux finish in all the rooms. C’mon, doesn’t anyone watch HGTV….neutrals, off-whites, pale hues, soft tones are what buyers want. You could spend a fortune in that house just reversing someone’s else’s bad taste,

  2. christopherfountain

    There are a lot of houses out there like that, Stanwich. All gussied up in the “Greenwich interior decorater” style, all awful and some representing just huge amounts of wasted money. I used to snicker when, representing sellers as a lawyer, I’d hear, “and there’s no way they’re getting my window treatments”. If the new buyer did get them (and fierce fights erupted over the issue) the coveted “treatments” usually ended up in a dumpster. Oh well, the Back Country ladies who peddle this stuff all made out well (or, these days, “made off” well).

  3. anonymous

    Sadly, most decorators (like most homeowners) lack taste….but that’s allegedly their day job…they don’t hand out those decorator jobs to just anyone….