Palm Beach pawn shop selling off Madoff victims belongings.

Old silver, mink coats, it’s all for sale, reports CityFile. And if you missed out, CityFile says that the same joint’s unloading ex-Lehman executives’ prized possessions in a week or two. Plenty of time to get down there, but perhaps I can save you the trip: I stopped Monica Noel this morning as she was clambering out of her Range Rover, burdened with armloads of nice-looking men’s suits and a few couture dresses. I asked if she was packing the stuff off to Florida and she gave me a look she’d normally reserve for a Brazilian gardener who might dare to file a workman’s comp claim against her. “That is completely undignified,” she sniffed. “The Noels have always given our castoffs to the Greenwich Hospital Thrift Shoppe and we see no reason to stop now. Imagine, selling Walter’s used underwear. Hmmmf!” I did notice a sign in the Thrift store’s window promising cash for the newly-unemployed’s unwanted clothing but I’m sure Monica would never take advantage of that bit of charity. But if you want to see what she’ll no longer be wearing, stop on in.

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  1. clay colbath

    ha! love it