Stop me before I kill again!

Madoff feeder fund sues its auditors for not preventing it from doing something stupid. No, not Walt’s fund but that Darien group run by a Fairfield Greenwich alumnus. FGG made noises about doing the same thing to its auditors but has taken no such action. Not enough money to pay the legal fees involved, probably. I’m still looking for that yard sale at 175 Round Hill Road – any day now.


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3 responses to “Stop me before I kill again!

  1. fofer

    Actually, Tremont alum.

  2. CEA

    I am no fan of S. Manzke, having had my fair share of dealing with her.

    Please note that MAXAM was supposed to give money to “minority and women-owned managers”. Guess where 100% of its money was? Yes, with Bernie Madoff who – last I checked – was neither of color nor of the female persuasion.

    Nice try, Sandra. She is just trying to shift blame from her own failure to follow not only proper due diligence, but her own, self-written invest-with-minorities thesis!

  3. christopherfountain

    You just never had a chance to see Bernie in drag, CEA. Your loss.