Tally Ho!

Cleveland, Duble & Arnold has just listed the barn apartment on the Israel Putnam Cottage grounds for rent, for $1,850.00. Neat place, but I understand that the tenant is obliged to exercise the horse that comes with the place by racing it down the Put’s Hill steps twice a day. If your insurance is in good standing, this might be the place for you.


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3 responses to “Tally Ho!

  1. gideonfountain

    It gets worse! From the “addendum” section of the lease for the barn apartment of the Putnam Cottage, article 28 states:
    “Prospective tenants, in addition to agreeing to a twice/daily exercise of horse, will also work a minimum of 4 hours/day in the tavern section of the main building, serving whiskey to soldiers of George Washington’s Continental Army.”

  2. christopherfountain

    Not to mention bearing arms to protect the place from attack by the British, who seem to show up every year !

  3. PrimeTimeMom

    We looked at a house for rent that was 4,700 a month. Nice house but you share a tiny yard with the landlord who has moved into an apartment over the garage. We were told no smoking, no animals and no alcohol. Uh, no thanks!