This should be good

Vanity Fair is working on a new in-depth article on the Noel family and its recent troubles. I haven’t seen it yet but I rather doubt it will have the same tone of fawning adulation that the  earlier article about the “Fabulous Noel Girls” did. Monica, better call back the girls’ publicist and put her to work, pronto!


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4 responses to “This should be good

  1. Stanwich

    Perhaps the soon to be impoverished Noel girls will move in and you can ride them up and down Old Put’s Hill.

  2. Hu Nhu ?

    Tally de Ho’s


    I feel no pity for the “fabulous sisters”. Talk about a family of white trash.

    The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  4. NYCT101

    White trash?
    Obviously either you have not met any of them or you think people like the Clintons are trash too…talk about trash from hayseed hills with poor breeding and grammar.
    The only thing trashy were the really dirty jokes the mother told…how many girls of our time act like trash in your terms…