A billion here, a billion there ….

The Trustee overseeing the dissolution of Bernie Madoff’s firms has come across $946 million in assets, which is not bad for a day’s work. But check out this tiny little drama. If Peter Madoff, Bernie’s brother, was kept in the dark about what Bernie was doing, why did he stick some poor underling with liability on a car lease when he could have signed it himself? No fool, he.

Craig Kugel, who worked in human resources at Madoff’s brokerage, said he shouldn’t be stuck with $58,000 in payments for a 2009 Mercedes once used by his ex-boss.

Kugel signed a lease for the car in October because Madoff refused to provide the necessary financial information about his firm to the car dealership, attorneys for Kugel wrote in a court filing. Madoff’s brother Peter, the firm’s chief compliance officer, allegedly designated Kugel as a director and told him to sign the lease on the firm’s behalf; now he’s being held personally liable for the lease, the attorneys wrote.

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  1. anonymous

    A complete list of Madoff victims was recently posted on the Huffington Post:

    Click to access madoffvictimslist.pdf

    try doing a quick search for “greenwich”…