As heard on NPR!

They played this on the radio this morning: Tom Daschle’s campaign ad extolling his virtue for driving a 10-year-old junker “because Tom knows that a penny saved is a penny earned.” Now, thank’s to Powerline, here’s the video. A heartwarming vignette of the people’s man from the plains.

Guess things change when you don’t have to snooker a bunch of dumb corn farmers in Dakota.


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5 responses to “As heard on NPR!

  1. Hiram

    Wheat farming is much more significant than corn in ND.

  2. Hiram

    Actually, I’m stupid because Daschle is from South Dakota, not North Dakota. I’ll have to get out my World Almanac and start studying.

    • christopherfountain

      Hiram, I couldn’t remember which state he was from either – hence my use of “Dakota” rather than North or South. When I hitchiked across (South) Dakato in 1970 there seemed to be a lot of corn and wheat. Don’t know what the boys are up to now. Perhaps hemp.