Hey – you never know

24 Morningside

24 Morningside

I wrote about this area off of Field Point  Indian Field Road awhile ago and I thought, given the number of spec and almost-new houses for sale in it, that sales would suffer. Wrong. I hear that one house there has an accepted offer and this one, while it was reduced in price today, was reduced from $2.195 million to $2.175. A $20,000 price reduction indicates a confidence that I wouldn’t have shared a few weeks ago but obviously I underestimated this area’s appeal. Live and learn.


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5 responses to “Hey – you never know

  1. Flyover Girl

    The buyers will be happy until they overhear someone refer to their house as a “frontloader.” And forever after they’ll wonder why they fell in love with a house that had such a prominent garage.

  2. InfoDiva

    Morningside is off Indian Field Road, not Field Point. Quite a different neighborhood in many ways.

    • christopherfountain

      Well, Diva, now that you point that out, yes there is a difference – no sewage plant on Indian Field, for instance!

  3. Stanwich

    Word among my commuter friends is that this area is desirable because it has a Greenwich address while still in the Cos Cob School district (as opposed to Julian Curtis). In addition, it is within walking distance to the Cos Cob train station via a wooded path near the tracks (or the road if you prefer). Some poeple like the proximity to the Milbrook Club, it gives them a sense that they have arrived (or some horse-sh*t like that). I never understood the appeal because it is so noisy regardless of what street in the neighborhood you are in.

  4. Re: front garage

    I think the preferred term is “snout house”

    putting the garage in front is sometimes the only way to get it attached. On a narrow lot, it can’t be on the side/back due to driveway requirements