$igns of the times?

The Greenwich Board of Realtors has announced that the late fee period – the time you can pay your association dues without penalty has been extended. Just last month they dumped 80 agents for failing to come up with another dues payment, I wonder if they’re seeing a drop off on the dues owed now? Similarly, a club that I won’t identify but is close to my own home has, I’m told, offered members a two year grace period during which they can withdraw from the club, regroup and perhaps find new work and rejoin, all without penalty. I think that’s a very kind gesture and a reasonable accommodation of their friends and neighbors who have fallen on hard times. But taken together, these two developments offer a window into what’s going on in the land of high finance.


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3 responses to “$igns of the times?

  1. anonymous

    Raises question of no. of days left for some of the old country clubs w/lots of >70 yo members, many of whom aren’t wealthy…

    Perhaps more land inventory hitting the mkt in 1-2 yrs?

    • christopherfountain

      Well Round Hill Club probably can’t count on Walt’s membership fees for much longer, that’s for sure.

  2. Anonymous

    The Greenwich Board of Realtors will be history as everyone will move to the CMLS. It is just a matter of time.