You’ve lost – get over it

Obama’s new science guy says that California cities and agriculture are all doomed. It’ll all happen by the end of the century, he says, unless we “educate the public” (I presume he means re-releasing Al Gore’s movie, perhaps with some of the grossest inaccuracies removed) and, of course, spending trillions of dollars on government sponsored green energy programs.

Just two weeks ago the leading Global Warming alarmist said that the process is irreversible unless we stop it dead in the next four years. Well that’s not going to happen, so okay – let’s start preparing for California to revert to desert and buy swim fins for those poor Micro-Indonesians on islands who are going to be getting their toes wet in 2080.

But let’s not spend trillions on a wasted, futile effort. Okay?


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3 responses to “You’ve lost – get over it

  1. OGRCC


    What’s wrong with green engergy?

    can’t we find some common ground here.

    for instance, burning up all the fossil fuel we have access to is a bad idea. it may or may not lead to global warming, but it does lead to rich petrol dollar backed governments.

    And one day the oil will run out. and then what?

    • christopherfountain

      OG, I’m all for alternative energy and have linked to some fascinating articles about promising developments. I dream of the day when we don’t need Saudi oil and western Europe can tell Russia where to stick their gas.
      What I object to are government boondoggle projects like ethanol, a program that is first, last and only about presidential primary politics in Iowa. It was supposed to “oxygenate’ gas and clean up the air – not applicable, according even to the NYT, to fuel injected cars (and yesterday’s news told that ethanol was actually harming the environment, rather than just being a harless quirk of our pols). I’m against government deciding who should be “winners” in technology because it’s bad policy. We end up subsidizing inefficient, obsolete models such as mom and pop solar panel companies when, to do anything truly effective, we need 1,000 acre solar farms. And new inventions are going to make existing solar panekls worthless within a few years, but we’ll have USA tz dollars carring the losers for even longer. It’s how things work.
      So we do agree on alternative energy – it’s how to get there that we part company. But heck, Stanwich still writes even though I trash Cos Cob, you and I can still be pals – see you at the tanning booth!

  2. OGRCC


    thanks for the reply. We agree more than we disagree….

    Sometimes (I think) enterprise needs a nudge in the right direction. With these low oil prices, where is the incentive to “go green”?