Make up your mind, would you?

30 Hettiefred Drive

30 Hettiefred Drive

This is a good looking house built by the owner back in 1996 and on one of the King Merritt acres, so there’s lots of space to accomodate  its 5,000 square feet. It was first offered for sale for $1.195 million in 1998, raised it price to $2.475 five years later in 2003, dropped down to $1.995 in December ’03, stayed off the market for another five years and came back at $2.299 in July, 2008. Now it’s listed at $2.159, which doesn’t seem too crazy – he’s back to 2003 pricing. If, however, we’re heading to 1998 prices, look out below.


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2 responses to “Make up your mind, would you?

  1. Anonymous

    wasn’t there a sale recently on Hettiefred?

    • christopherfountain

      Mansion Place, yes (great house for very little money – $1.2 ish?). Don’t recall one on Hettiefred but I don’t recall much, period, so I’ll check tomorrow.