New Construction open houses

62 Ridge Street, $7.450 million, is still available, much to its builder’s disappointment. It’s a really nice house and I like its architecture, inside and out, but Ridge Street? I don’t  get it and, so far, neither do buyers. This was one odd choice of locations to build such a beautiful house. But, as sellers love to point out, “all it takes is one buyer to fall in love with the place.” heck, valantine’s Day is just around the corner (and so is I-95, the car dealer and the rail road, for this house) so maybe we’ll see some action.

I saw another house, address not given here, that has me wondering. Beautiful yard but a squeezed, narrow archictecture that made me wonder why the designer didn’t take advantage of such a large lot. Not to make the house bigger – Lord knows, it’s big enough, but to spread out a little more. And an entire wing devoted to a master bedroom suite, especially when that suite is comprised of what are essentially a number of separate rooms, held no appeal to me. All of which should be taken with a huge grain of salt, though, because I start off from a personal bias against over-large houses and then temper that with whatever my current clients are looking for. If I see a house that’s large for my taste and has a layout that I know won’t satisfy my clients, of course I’m predisposed to dislike the thing. Doesn’t mean you won’t like it so don’t be put off by my comments, ever. Similarly, beware of the houses I do like. I know of several instances where clients of other agents inisted on seeing houses that I’d praised in my old column, even when their own agent who was working with them and knew what they liked told them they’d hate it. Each time, they went, they saw, they hated the place. So there you have it.

But all that said, there are still some awfully big price tags attached to houses that, in my opinion, are going to have a hard time finding buyers.


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6 responses to “New Construction open houses

  1. Jane

    Can you weigh in on the house at the corner of Meadowcroft and Grahampton? Is it still on the market, and at what price?

    • christopherfountain

      That’s one of three unsold Mark Mariani spec houses. His other two on Sabine and Dairy Road have each been marked down to something like $7.5 million but this one is pretty much where it started – $12? $14? I forget. You can probably get a volume discount if you agree to buy all three.

  2. Jane

    I heard he had an offer for $10 million and wouldn’t take it. Am assuming he is heating all three and in the spring will have to begin cutting grass, etc. Those have to be some hefty carrying costs.

  3. realtor 3

    oh my! got an offer for 10 million and rejected it!!
    what a fool!! the last sale on street was a newly built home that went for , I believe in the 9’s.
    I think greg Silver was the builder.
    mariani has an awful lot of grass to cut to make up
    for that

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    I saw the Meadowcroft house,if I remember correctly it was horiffic. who would believe an experienced builder like Mariani would let this happen and put his name on it . THE ENTIRE FIRST FLOOR HAS TO BE BULLDOZED. I dont really think the question is what is the asking price today, I think it is what is the offer we better take it and run.