Back Yard, Keofferam

25 Keofferam

25 Keofferam

Of course, this picture was taken before a house was built all over the yard, but the listing claims “room for a pool” (you didn’t expect a pool for $6 million, did you?) so I assume there’s some ground left.


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11 responses to “Back Yard, Keofferam

  1. OGRCC

    thanks for the photo.

    for 6 mil, I would expect a three car garage.

  2. OGRCC

    oh and i thought that there was a pool before the house was built on top of it… or I could be mistaken.

    It’s a pretty big house for a small parcel of land. But I guess that is the norm for old greenwich and riverside.

  3. realtor 3

    great location- however the builder is just unrealistic in pricing..asking approx 800 sf
    just ridiculous. Also has a house on 407 sound beach ave w/ a 100,000 price reduction WOW!
    Both homes listed in fall before the meltdown.
    Is their broker consulting them OR maybe they’re all drinking the same “Kool-Aid”…seems to me they are all living in the past with the hopes of a miracle coming. At this point their broker can only advise them to keep paying the interest on the loans(40 to 50,000) ..Hope those statues are buried seems like they need more than luck-someone
    from the heavens above needs to save the day for these fellows.

  4. xyzzy

    Think we talked about this before, its an okay, house, but I don’t see it as being any better than the other spec houses in Greenwich except that its on Keofferam vs Sound Beach,Shore or Tomac. None of them have sold in the $4 million range.

  5. Anonymous

    this same builder has an unsold finished spec item on sound beach for 3.675 and another property on vista (nice older home/next build site) listed for 3.7….evidently, he did quite well in riverside/og until now but whoops.

  6. realtor 101

    realtor 3,
    you failed to mention the same builder for 407 sound beach & Keoffram also has another project.
    10 to 12 condo units in Byram.. They are for sale or rent. only one has sold-ouch!
    in this biz we have the king and queen of over pricing BUT there is also the prince of the above properties. No need to mention names .
    In all seriousness though- why can’t they figure it out?? PRICE! PRICE!PRICE!

  7. Anonymous

    And don’t forget the modular victorian on Shore Rd. — looks quite nice and is large but is now down to 3.9 and still sitting. Not to mention the two specs on Tomac that are languishing as well.

    And what’s up with the Victorian being framed now on Sound Beach directly across from the other new Victorian (builder occupied on corner of Shore Acre) which seems to an identical twin. Same blueprints??
    That’s budget!

  8. realtor 101

    ooopps – didn’t know they owned more than that?
    No wonder why the broker for all their properties is always cheerful !

  9. christopherfountain

    I don’t think Keofferam’s builder is doing condos in Byram. He’s a smart guy, usually and that would be really dumb. But I did laugh at him on this blog when he put the Vista land up for sale a month after he bought it. Priced it for something like $900K more than he’d just paid for it and surprise! No one wants it. Builders always do this and I’ve never understood it. Worse yet, they usually decide to go ahead and build, thereby reversing their first, wiser decision to abandon the project and end up with an un-sellable house with 3X the $ sunk in it than they had in the land.
    Have you seen the land on Cat Rock? Bldr paid $1.5 for two lots and then put them up for sale the same day at $1.5 each! Amazingly enough, no one else seems to agree with him that he got a heck of a buy and 2 years later they’re still for sale. He’s at least resisted the urge to build houses on the land, so far.

  10. realtor 101

    hey cf- same on Byram terrace Drive. call the prince to confirm- 1000% sure.
    hope the prince doesn’t read your blog- his hair will be raised, under the w-g ! ha – just a little ha ha