Lower cost neighborhoods

8 Sunshine Ave. Rvsd

8 Sunshine Ave. Rvsd

8  Sunshine is a renovated house that’s been for sale since 2006, starting at $1.995 million and down today to $1.775. It is true that #5 Sunshine sold for $1.5 million in the glory days of 2006 but that was at the high water mark, I think. Sunshine is a perfectly nice street with some good houses on it but it’s north of the Post Road – in Riverside, that has never commanded a premium; in fact, quite the contrary. I suspect that this one will have to find some room to drop before it finds a buyer. And yes, I’m being nice here – it’s the new, kinder model blog.


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5 responses to “Lower cost neighborhoods

  1. Anonymous

    Have you been threatened?

  2. Gandhi

    Just be non-violent. You will be celebrated for your coverage of Noel and his cohorts.

    Stand up the bully. Anyone who give you are hard time in Gwich is phony anyway. Stand by your beliefs.

    The cold shoulder jerk, ice princess, or cold hearted person will stab people in the back by nature and tradition but they always get theirs in the end.

    You have good character Chris and the deals will come also.

  3. Cobra

    “…it’s the new, kinder model blog.”

    I prefer the “old, tell it like it is” blog. Not enough of that writing style remains in this frustratingly PC world. So you rile a few thin skinned lizards. Their problem, not yours.

    As with “objectionable” television programming–if you don’t want to be exposed to such content, don’t watch.

  4. don't shoot messenger Mr Noel

    Hand out a T-shirt with this logo on it to any Noel-lover giving you a hard time.