Shutting down talk radio

Democrats want to shut Rush Limbaugh down?    I had dismissed this as the paranoid delusions of right wing radio hosts but by golly, every day brings another Democrat to the fore promising to do just that. Here’s today’s. Her husband ran Air America, the left wing talk show network that failed and I guess she’s still sore about it. It’s all on a par with the college students who shout down conservative speakers and run conservative students off campus under “free speech” rules which, of course, like any communist propaganda, means exactly the opposite. I understand that the average mush-for-brains college student doesn’t understand the issue here but clearly the ones in charge do, and they’re afraid. So afraid that they’ll stifle dissent. After all, as our former VP so famously said, “the debate is over.”


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12 responses to “Shutting down talk radio

  1. Peg

    The most amusing part of all this to me is the delusions on the left as to what they represent. They believe that they represent “openness” – they battle for free speech – they are the “diverse” ones and the right represents Nazis….

    Yet, seems every time I turn around, it is someone from the left shutting down freedoms of all sorts… Of course, they would tell you it’s ONLY for our own good….. And they know what is for our own good!

  2. greenmtnpunter

    They can try all they want but this totalitarian tactic will be fought to the last dying breath. They want to know when we’ll actually fight? Passively Resist? Civil Disobedience? Take up arms? This is the one. No compromise.

  3. Walter

    Chris –
    I hope they aren’t shutting you down. What happened to your last post on me? Is it my alzheimers, or did you delete it? I am so confused.
    Best Regards,
    PS. Please feed the filly’s. See you at Round Hill in May

  4. J

    Would that also apply to CNBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC? I do not think so. I think I smell more than just debate if the dems attempt to pass this

  5. What a non-issue! Rush Limbaugh’s narcissistic buffoonery is doing more to elect Democrats than 24/7 liberal radio could ever do, and the Democrats know it.

    Conservative talk radio’s domination of the dial represents a strategic seizure of an information choke point by conservative interests during the ’80s, but it’s now just an amusing anachronism. It’s bringing a horse and buggy to the Indy 500. The hosts, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Savage, Hannity and the like are a joke to the civilized world, and the rabidity of their fans increases in inverse proportion to their numbers, because the act has played out everywhere but in the boonies. Their listeners are no longer a part of the electorate that needs to be taken seriously.

    The liberals own the Internet, where the content can’t be filtered by a corporate owner, and that trend is unlikely to reverse itself any time soon. It’s the future and it can’t be controlled.

    Bummer, Rush.

  6. greenmtnpunter

    Hey Repack, just like Sarah Palin- if she were such a loser, why do the idiot Democrats go apoplectic at the very mention of her name? Is it because by contrast Ms Sarah, Rush, Hannity, et al expose them for the total frauds that they are? The vast right wing conspiracy draws the line in the sand at the fairness doctrine. Don’t step over it.

  7. Anonymous

    First they came for the honest realtors….. then it was the talk radio hosts…

    Then, this being America they ran into greenmtnpunter and the descendants of humble farmers and settlers like those at Lexington and Concord!

    While we’re at it, why do the schools and our civic society no longer emphasize Patriot’s Day? April 19, 1775 is one of the most important day’s in our history.
    Bring back Patriot’s Day!

  8. It’s amusing that even though the Fairness Doctrine is a dead issue, any mention of it by anyone left of Ozymandius* stirs up such an hornet’s nest of knee-jerking mixed metaphors that it’s fun to watch. Who could resist?

    Don’t believe me? Here, check it out.

    “Fairness Doctrine.”

    Now wait.

    *It’s, like, a literary reference.

  9. greenmtnpunter

    About the same as when we tell you we’re going to overturn Roe v Wade! That’s always good for laughs, isn’t it Repack?!

  10. pulled up in OG

    Gmp: “The vast right wing conspiracy draws the line in the sand . . . Don’t step over it.”

    Looks like fourth and ten from your own two-yard-line.

    • christopherfountain

      Don’t forget the Mad Knight in “Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail” – he didn’t give up over a mere scratch and neither will we conservatives! Of course, if they sic killer rabbits on us, all bets are off.