Whew! This is a relief!

No Nebraskans among Madoff victims


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5 responses to “Whew! This is a relief!

  1. Walt

    Not true – I personally sold Warren a big position. Yes, I had to discount off of our traditional 2/20 fee structure, but I reeled him in. He is a sucker for horses. And I have five of them.

  2. Peg

    I guess they all went with Warren instead of Bernie.

    Nice pick.

  3. Noel - Douglass news funny

    Loved reading the 27 “comments” under your Feb 5 “More open house news” blog about Noel and Douglass family scandal. Your readers have A LOT to say behind closed doors that people won’t say in polite society. Thanks for truth telling.

  4. Walt

    And Chris, please think about this. If you invested $500k with a “legitimate” hedge fund, you probably lost at least half, if not more, in 2008. The Dow was down 45% for Pete’s sake. Instead, you gave it to me, and I gave it to Bernie (after painstaking due diligence, I might add). So Bernie blows it. But the SIPC makes you whole. So the guy who invested with Citadel, or Fidelity, or anbody else is down $250k. The guy who invested with me gets his $500k back. Brilliant? I think so. Which is why I deserve the big bucks. And I deserve to keep them. I may have Alzheimers, but I can still do 2 & 20 math. With my eyes closed. I need to run to the store for carrots. Where is the nearest store around here? I can’t remember.

  5. greenmtnpunter

    This proves what I’ve been saying for years: Move the Capitol to Omaha and let these savvy, Madoff-Free folks set the tone for our economic recovery, not to mention lowering our carbon footprint with Omaha’s central U S location. And fabulous and immediate green economic jolt by re-building the rail infrastructure in all 50 states to provide the transport to get to Omaha- “All roads lead to Omaha”.

    Wonder how many Gregg’s, Daschle’s, et al, would hang around swingin’ Omaha when they retire from “public service”?! Goes back to the theory of cold weather capitols being best for controlling government growth; the Bos-NY-Wash Corridor is just too cushy and keeps the hacks coming back for more.