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The reader who pointed out to me that Schwinn bikes are no longer made in the US turns out to have a pretty nifty-looking website with subjects ranging from mountain biking (he’s in the mountain biking hall of fame which I, at least, am willing to admit I didn’t know existed) piano moving (his current occupation, I guess) and pictures taken while he was a roadie for a band in the late 60s. As us old hippies need to stick together, I’m linking him here, then going back to dig deeper.

Update: Oh geeze, you’ve got to check this site out – vintage photos of the first, crazed, out-of-their-friggin minds mountain bike racers from the 1970s, with 30-year old Schwinns, no real protective gear and possibly a good supply of drugs (I may be maligning the guys but it was the 70’s) careening down California mountains. Neato. Here’s the mountain biking page.


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  1. PrimeTimeMom

    What an awesome website! I didn’t mountain bike but the pictures sure bring back a lot of memories from the 70’s. I wish I had a piano to move so I could meet Charlie Kelly.

  2. Let me recommend a book on the Schwinn disaster: “No Hands: The Rise and Fall of the Schwinn Bicycle Company, An American Institution,” by Judith Crown and Glenn Coleman. I even get a mention in it.

    The Schwinn story is a microcosm of the current US economy, but it took place 20+ years ago. Essentially, Schwinn decided it was cheaper to build bikes in Taiwan than in Chicago, and they were right. But once they had divested themselves of their own manufacturing capacity, they found that their putative “supplier” owned THEM, because the industrial arm will always own the marketing arm, not vice-versa. The same thing happened to a number of my personal friends in the bike business on a much smaller scale. Once you give up your industrial capability you will never get it back.

    The other irony the book notes is that we primitive mountain bikers opened a market that Schwinn was perfectly positioned to take advantage of — and they ignored it.

  3. If you’re interested in the amazing tale of Charlie and his friends creating a world wide phenomenon and an Olympic sport, might I recommend my film KLUNKERZ? Simple type the title in any search engine to find out more.
    Ride on,
    Billy Savage