A bridge too far?

Thanks to my (only?) Vermont reader, I found this article in today’s NY Post describing the sorry plight of Walt Noel and his partner in nonfeasance, Jeffry Tucker. Tucker’s preparing to sell his horse farm and the two of them have sold their interest in a private jet.

Even Tucker’s wife Melanie, an avid bridge player, has had to tighten her belt.

Sources told The Post that as a member of the Midtown bridge club Honors, Melanie Tucker was accustomed to using her husband’s jet to fly herself, and the bridge pros hired to play on her team, to bridge tournaments across the country.

She recently told some of the professional players she employs that she’s had to postpone attending tournaments that would have required air travel, though she continues to play bridge at Honors six days a week, sources said.

Ignorant fool that I am, I was unaware that one could hire professional bridge players. I couldda been a contenda! But what does my favorite bridge-playing blogger, Peg from Minnesota think about all this? Peg, as someone who’s whupped Warren Buffet’s behind, how about Miss Melanie? Ever have to bitch-slap her? Take away her martinis? We’re dying to know and of course, any secrets you may choose to divulge will be kept in strictest confidence.


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7 responses to “A bridge too far?

  1. Hiram

    The photo of the Tuckers accompanying the Post article is amusing, showing the wizened face of Mrs. T. complemented by ample and suspiciously youthful-looking cleavage.

  2. CEA

    Chris – this is actually more sinister than it looks. Noel’s and Tucker’s assets aren’t frozen. They are liquidating now and will be sending money to where it can’t be found.

    If you’re innocent, you don’t start dumping assets at the bottom.

    • christopherfountain

      Well other than their few remaining friends, who ever said they were innocent? The Judge who permitted this by denying a motion to freeze their assets is a chump, at best.

  3. Inagua

    Selling a one-sixteenth interest in a $10 million plane is an odd way for centi-millionaires to economize. I would have expected Walt to sell one of the “family gathering places” before he suffered the indignity of flying commercial.

  4. greenmtnpunter

    Melanie can recruit Jimmy Cayne as her new duplicate partner, he’s in town and probably available. The day the s..t hit the fan at Bear, Stearns the Post called Jimmy for comment and the reporter was told Jimmy was unavailable as he was away at a bridge tournament. Not a good CYA on your assistant’s part, Jimmy!

  5. Inagua

    A second though on the plane. It might have been a FFG plane, and the lawyers might have suggested that Walt scrub some of the excesses to make him appear a more sympathetic defendant. I’ll believe Walt is pinched when he sells one of his five houses.

  6. Walt

    I am upset my partner is selling the horse farm. My 5 little filly’s loved it so, so much.